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reported hasn't in many ways been publicly discussed either by you all or by representatives of the u.s. government for quite some time. >> whether you buy that or not t reports are raising new questions about the war effort. what does it mean for the administration's efforts in pakistan and afghanistan? matt, let me start with you, when do the republicans finally make it full circle and flip on afghanistan and pretend they were never for the war in the first place? >> that in a sense happened. ann coulter joins on with blankley, who is long opposed to aversion. there's a real argument. it could be the republicans are being opportunistic and playing politics, you could also argue president obama changed the war. initially there was a very small footprint. the goal was to stop terrorism. now we see nation building. i think it is starting to happen. >> we purposely didn't care. we didn't do anything. now that obama is trying, it's obviously his fault. >> i got to tell you that matt should make sure that he double checks where those documents -- what time period those documents cover. >> i
coming into the u.s. and we have to help the mexican government when it asks us to help stop our guns for going to mexico illegally. >> anything we can do to help with the issue. very high praise to the president today for trying to stop the denial of this problem. it's a complete mess. >> thanks, dylan. >> coming up on "the dylan ratigan show." after the storm. when will oil cleanup efforts in the gulf get back online? whatever they're cleaning up, they haven't capped the well. today the spill becoming the largest in the history in the gulf of mexico. using towards -- well, it already is the biggest of one time. we'll see if it can clear the persian gulf as we work our way to dumping 150 million barrels so that a british company could suck oil out of the gulf of mexico and sell it to the chinese while being supervised by corrupt american politicians. >>> and bombshell revelations about bear stearns. what did tim geithner and ben bernanke know about tens of millions of dollars that turned out to be junk? did they lie to the american people to save the banks? you know they did. plus, d
between israel and the u.s. >> i've trusted prime minister netanyahu sense i've met him before i was elected president, and have said so both publicly and privately. >> the bond between israel and the united states is unbreakable. and i can affirm that to you today. >> meantime, a new york times report shows tax-exempt donations are sustaining israeli settlements in the west bank as the u.s. tries to end them. at least 40 american groups are collected $200 million in tax deductible gifts for settlements. here's our panel. blogger and columnist for old friend matt lewis. let me start with you, ari. we have news that israel has lifted a large portion of the blockade, but not the whole blockade. is that good news, and is it enough? >> there's a lot of people who will say it's not enough. but clearly today's meeting there's a contrast for the last time you had president netanyahu here. there was access to photographs. they didn't have that last time. part of what we're hearing for the obama administration is because of the blockade and also with barack and israel m
to 24 other people by an apache helicopter. he was shipped by the u.s. military after this allegation came out from baghdad to a holding cell in kuwait. he's been there approximately six weeks now. why is bradley manning being held in kuwait? is this an offshore guantanamo for a u.s. soldier who has alleged to leak information to the press? it doesn't seem to be right to me. >> i agree with him on that. we thank julian for his time today for when we can expect the next round of documents. that'll will out some time in the next couple of months. >> as we take a moment here, coming up on "the dylan ratigan show." developing news as the senate tries to limit corporate spending on political campaigns or allow them to spend freely but keep it secret would be more accurate. plus republicans running away from andrew bright babart but n andrew steele. why they're meeting in swanky beverly hills later this week. ne market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-ow
>>> good afternoon. i'm in for dylan ratigan today. trading places, the u.s. and russia getting ready to swap spies in the most dramatic move of its kind since the cold war. we're talking to two former spies about how it's going down and whether the russians have any more spies on american soil. >>> plus, the slam dunk media blitz for lebron james. the nba superstar announcing his next team tonight in a prime time special. is he selling his soul for a shot at the title? >>> also, my problem with no problem. we'll talk about the decline in manners in america. whatever happened to saying you're welcome? the show starts right now. >>> breaking news in america today. the wheels are in motion for the largest spy swap between the u.s. and russia since the cold war. just moments ago, all ten people posing as soccer moms, as city dwellers, and socialites, but doubling as russian spies pleaded guilty in a new york courtroom. in return, they will likely be immediately deported back to moscow. and that's just the latest twist in a plot that sounds like it was ripped straight from a best-se
. >> the comment, widely seen as a public statement of what arab leaders have been telling the u.s. leaders privately, however the uae is furiously backpedaling now saying it does not favor the use of force against iran. mark, again, i want to start with you. look, i don't like the iranian government, i'll be honest with you. i think they stole the election. they are fundamentalist muslims. i don't agree with their ideology, but why do we get to have nuclear energy and israel gets to have nuclear energy but iran is not allowed? >> well, nuclear energy is not the issue unless you're going to frame the issue in terms of the way the iranians want to frame it which is, hey, we're just doing this so we can have, you know, nuclear energy. everybody in the world knows that's not what they are doing. they are doing it to develop a nuclear bomb, and i suspect that this statement from the uae reflects, i don't suspect it, i'm virtually certain, that it reflects a very widespread but heretofore unspoken prayer among most of the muslim majority nations that israel, we haven't even talked about the u.s.
to you and me $34 billion extra printed out of our government. this man to thank. the newest u.s. senate, his yes vote helping the dems overcome another gop filibuster. so with final passage, 2.1 million americans will be able to make their next mortgage payment or afford food or medical care that they are desperately in need of. but as has become the american way, whether we're talking about jobs or the banks, the answer is to simply print money we do not have. we are not addresses the real crisis. that we're living in a so-called capital economy, that not only doesn't have capital, be tu incentives are to not invest it in the country. >>> our first guest has been out of work in the real estate industry since january of 2009. her unemployment benefits expired earlier this month. we welcome you to the program. when you see a vote like this, what do you think? >> it's about time. it's about time. it shouldn't be about politics. it should be about the people. >> and do you think that the government continuing to authorize unemployment benefits -- to my this looks like a band-aid. an essent
of dollars. the complaints coming to light just as july becomes the deadliest month yet for u.s. troops serves in afghanistan. as of today at least 66 new service members killed just in july. a morbid record in a nearly nine-year war. but instead of honoring the fallen, those here in new york in the financial services business accused of preying on the most vulnerable in the country and profiting on their death benefits. make the folks down at street at metlife say cha-ching. now the families are fighting back. in massachusetts a class action hoo lawsuit against prudential insurance allegations $100 million was kept of that should have gone to the bereaved of our fallen soldiers. veterans life insurance policies that were in theory already delivered to the widows and those left behind while paying only 1% interest to the actual beneficiaries and them keeping the spread. it's a great way to buy a boat. both the new york ag's office and the va have launch eed investigations into the weaseling scum backs. even gates said he was surprised about the accusations. >> until today i actually bel
that is blowing the lid, so to speak, off the hidden world of u.s. intelligence. years long work by "washington post" reporters investigation, an investigation uncovering a top secret network based on exploiting terror fears that have perpetrated throughout every fiber of our society. and have only increased every day since the september 11th attacks. the result, an everexpanding democracy that grows by the day. nobody knows if the agencies are helping anybody become safer. for instance, 33 different complexes dedicated to so-called top secret intelligence work this washington alone. physical buildings. that's the equivalent of 22 u.s. capitol buildings. top secret security clearances granted to 854,000 people. that's 1.5 times the entire population of washington, d.c. about 50,000 intelligence reports each year. such a large volume that the experts admit they can't get through it all. not to mention the money it is costing us, much of it spent on redundancy and waste. extraction continues here in new york by the banksters. people are out of work. americans in the paralysis of fear content to s
. lautenberg also among the four u.s. senators charging fraudulent medical evidence may have been used to secure his release and asking the british government for an in-depth probe. another painful development for the families of the 298 kill maryland the attack. an insult to all of us what would aspire to have a just government, or even remotely just government that is clearly not in the pockets of corporations, which we all know that's our problem right now. joining us now, one of the families of those victims. they have actively fought his release. they've been kind enough to form a relationship with me going back to the release. it's a pleasure to see you both again. how is your summer? >> good. >> it's too hot in new york if you ask me. >> we're enjoying our grandchildren. >> good. the facts present themselves as it couldn't be more obvious. it needs to be let's make it as obvious as possible. this is a quote from a month after the release. the question was, the uk trade and bp deal a factor in the release. i quote him. yes, it was a very big part of that. he doesn't deny it. i'm
manipulated markets in the history of the world as a result. u.s. consumer sentiment plummeted in early july to the lowest level since august. a 9.5 point drop. while the financial bill misses the marx, real financial reform and fixing the economy to get more jobs isn't that hard, you just have to incentivize them to make the money. finding a way to get politicians bought off by those who benefit from the broken system to actually do something about it. that's the task we have to deal with. joining us, senior correspondent for "time" magazine. how does he sell himself to this country in the face of the employment picture? >> well, not easily, dylan. i suspect you won't be happy with the conclusion of the story, which won't shock anyone. i think the white house realizes that their hands are quite tied here as far as bold action to do anything to jump start the economy. the numbers in the senate prevent them from doing any kind of a big which i think in their heart of hearts we could really use. i think they would sleep better at night knowing there was mrp insurance against the possibility of
up after a massachusetts judge rules a federal same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional. a u.s. district judge ruled it unconstitutional because it interferes with the right of a state to define marriage. the ruling grants same-sex married couples the same federal benefits as straight couples. the ruling only applies to massachusetts, but if it were upheld by a higher court, the supreme court, for example, gay marriage could be protected under the constitution, the same way interracial marriage was protected in the late 1960s. gay rights supporters are buzzing about a potential showdown on the steps of the supreme court many say it's likely to rule against them. or should they take a state-by-state approach through legislators and voter initiatives. i want you to give counsel to advocates of same-sex relations. would it be through the courts, or take your shot through the states and state legislators? >> i'm always advising gay rights advocates on marriage. you really pegged me there. what i would say is just to go about it the constitutional route. this is a democratic society
population in the u.s. latinos are projected to make up 30% of the country by 2050. for democrats, meanwhile, opposing the law could help shore up latino support. only 43% of hispanics in a recent poll said the president was adequately addressing their needs. could be an opportunity for the president there, so how will the arizona debate affected elections in 2010 and beyond? matt, if the war is a potential blister for the president, is this a real issue for the republicans politically? >> short term this is a big benefit for republicans, dylan. it's ironic, but whoever wins a court case like this loses politically. whoever loses the court case wins politically. we saw what happened in 2004 when gavin newsom started the gay marriage stuff in san francisco. really helped george w. bush win, so i think this is going to motivate in the short term, going to motivate conservative and republican activists like you wouldn't believe. i do worry in the long term it's concerning because i think conservatives should be -- i'm sorry, i think hispanics and latinos should be conservative. immigration is t
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13